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We are here with a major announcement!

The FidoMeta Cryptocurrency is Upgrading!

The growth of FidoMeta Cryptocurrency has been exceptional since its introduction, and we have been listed on the popular exchange L Bank ( To our delight, all projects involving FMC have been well received by our investors, community members, and traders. Following its success, we are happy to announce that we are upgrading the token with a new contract address to benefit the Fido Meta Community.

With the introduction of the Fido Meta taxable token, FidoMeta is opening up the gates of community sharing to all our token holders. Once the community sharing program is live, all FMC token holders will start receiving 2.5% of the tax collected through DEX and P2P transfers performed with the new token.

What To Do?

All FMC token holders will need to swap their existing tokens for a new token with a new contract address released. Once the tokens are swapped to the new address, you will be able to avail the mentioned tax benefits. A swap window will be opened within which the existing FMC token contract will be swapped to the new taxable contract.

Swapping Methods

L Bank

  • Token holders in L-bank accounts need not worry as their token will get swapped to the new address automatically by L-bank.

Wallet Holders

  • If you are holding FMC tokens in other wallets like trust wallet or Metamask, you can swap your tokens via our official website
  • If you have FMC tokens in the Fido Wallet, you can swap them directly in Fido Wallet.
  • You can also contact Fido Meta Support via online chat for further assistance.

Swapping Ratio

  • The old FMC tokens will be swapped at a ratio of 4:1 (old vs new) compared to the new taxable token. The token quantity will differ during the swap, but the total USD value of the FMC tokens will remain the same. This step is taken to reduce the active circulation of the token without having an impact on the value of the token in the market.

Trading Impact

  • During the migration, trading of FMC tokens will be stopped in L bank and we will be back on trading once the migration is done.
  • Deposits and withdrawals will be suspended today(14/06/2022) at 11:30 PM IST and trading will be suspended tomorrow (15/06/2022) at 1.30 AM IST.

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