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K. Mohideen

Managing Director

Mr. K. Mohideen is the first-generation entrepreneur in his family. He is a motivated and success-driven person. He graduated from high school and enrolled in college, obtaining a BBA degree followed by an MBA. He has always been attracted to business and hopes to be an entrepreneur himself someday. Soon after, he realized his dream was no longer a fantasy but a reality. He began his career in banking, where he was in charge of the Risk Containment Unit (RCU). During these years of experience, he learned how to manage and build a team. He is always on the lookout for innovative ideas to establish his own company. Initially, he stepped into the real estate division and started Zontia Groups in 2007. Zontia Groups has completed 250 plus major projects and handed over 50,000+ plots successfully. Zontia Groups has also handled key projects like Individual villas, Row houses, Apartments and Farm lands successfully on time adding to 1,00,000 + happy customers.

Entering a Global market is a dream of every businessman. Yes, he started Fido Markets Pvt Ltd in the UK in 2018. He was always fascinated by how the global market operates and studied trading tactics and fundamentals. His drive to ensure that everyone could achieve financial independence motivated him to share his skills, giving birth to Fido Academy.

Fido Groups was created with the vision to have a one-stop destination for all traders, investors, and entrepreneurs. He ensures that expert market insight and analysis are delivered to all clients. The Fido Group is one of the most prestigious groups that envisions creating an enduring space for the betterment of the real-world community. Mr. K. Mohideen states, "Providing a great experience to our clients is our endeavour."

He didn't stop there, though. Mr Balamohan and Mr K. Mohideen paved the way into the Metaverse, by establishing a first-of-its-kind virtual financial institution in the Metaverse. It was created to serve the real-world community. FidoMeta is the pinnacle of the Fido Metaverse's financial and monetary system, which it oversees, operates, supervises, and directs.

The Fido Virtual Central Bank aspires to provide consumers with the services of a physical bank in a virtual environment, as well as bringing lenders and borrowers together to transact business in the FidoMeta environment. The Fido Virtual Central Bank, or FVCB, will administer and regulate the Fido Metaverse's economy, which will allow users or token holders to deposit cryptocurrency and earn fixed returns.

Mr.K. Mohideen and his panoply of ideas are never-ending. With that being said, the Fido Group of companies is always looking at growth and ensuring that all the businesses will measure and scale up with great profitability.

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