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Balamohan Krishnan


Mr. Balamohan Krishnan is a Forex business veteran, Coach, Trader, Trading trainer, Trading software architect, Fund Manager, and most importantly inspiring speaker and Mentor. He completed his engineering degree from Madurai Kamaraj University. He started his career as a software engineer in Infosys, a technology services and consulting firm. Followed by this he served in the Forex division of Citi bank, for fourteen years. During this stint, Mr. Balamohan had created a strong foundation for himself with vast knowledge and experience. After his massive experience in the financial markets, he decided to start his own fintech business. Starting from 2020 it has been a great transformation and success for Mr. Balamohan Krishnan. In the year 2021 Fido Groups was founded, Fido Group of companies are planned and developed to serve the real world through the advancement of technology and digital advancements.

Mr. Balamohan Krishnan has put all his years of learning and experience into the foundation of Fido Groups. He ensures that every client at Fido Groups has a leveraged environment. His goal is to create a one-stop destination for traders, investors, and entrepreneurs and has succeeded to build it. The degree of success that these businesses have seen is incredible. Mr. Balamohan has never scrimped on quality and only gives his clientele the finest. His currency business seminars have enticed students from prestigious institutions such as IIT Madras, Anna University, and SSN to join organizations.

"True learning comes from teaching others," Mr. Balamohan Krishnan says. This has been the major reason behind the idea of Fido Groups. He has always enjoyed sharing his knowledge with others. He has recognized and taught over 200 young brains, encouraging them to develop business concepts similar to his own. He has managed to conquer space in the metaverse. He has taken a step forward in the business by creating a one-of-a-kind crypto addition. His primary goal is to create products that address significant issues in the real world. He envisions Fido Groups to be a leader in the industry. His prime aim is to provide traders, investors, and entrepreneurs with all the essentials they need to create a leveraged environment.

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