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About FMC Coin

Financial Institution On Metaverse

FIDO Metaverse focuses on creating businesses in the world of Virtual Reality. All products and projects have been designed and developed to serve the real-world community through the advancement of technology and digital presence.

Fido Central bank is an apex body that controls, operates, regulates, and directs the entire banking and monetary structure in the Fido Metaverse. Fido Central Bank makes regulations for the operation of other crypto projects that want to run their banks in the FIDO Metaverse. All the other banks on the land of FIDO Metaverse have to work under the instruction and regulations developed by the FIDO Central Bank.

Fido Products and Solution

FIDO Metaverse focuses on creating businesses in the world of Virtual Reality. All products and services have been designed and developed to serve the real-world community through the advancement of technology and digital presence.

Safe and Secure

FidoMeta Wallet

Multichain crypto wallet

Instant Exchange

Fido Virtual Central Bank

Virtual central bank services.

Strong Network

Fido Markets

Marketplace where Users you can trade forex, crypto, metals and commodities

Mobile Apps

Fidometa Virtual University

Virtual Financial Institute

Margin Trading

Fidometa Advisory platform

Financial advisory on contract or regular basis

Tokenomics & Stats

Ecosystem Development 35%
Liquidity 25%
Team 20%
Private Sale 10%
Advising & Marketing 7%
Airdrop/Staking 3%

Tax Distribution

Tax Splits (5% - Tax per transaction in blockchain)

  • 2.5%Reward distributed to FMC holders
  • 0.5%Goes to the burn address
  • 1%Goes to the FMC ecosystem
  • 1%Distributed to Fido Metaverse Citizens

*The tax is subject to vary based on the ecosystem's inflation and deflation

*The above tax works on all block chain transactions

*Tax on centralised exchange varies based on the exchange implementation

Price Fall Control Mechanism (Coming Soon)


15% Tax


25% Tax


35% Tax


45% Tax

This tax will be deducted from every sale transaction and distributed among FMC holders as reward.

Road Map

Q2 2022

Marketing Campaigns, Token Launch on exchange's, Fido Market V.4.0 launch Wallet App, Presale-Round

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Q3-Q4 2022

Virtual Central Bank, Virtual Reality Banking, Precious Metal Markets, Digital Real estates, Advisory Platform

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Q1 2023

Virtual Central Bank, Physical VISA Credit Cards, Virtual Reality Customer Support

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Q2 2023

Virtual Central Bank V.2.0, Ownership Certifications, Virtual University

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Q4 2021

Set up the concept,Hiring Talent: Development & Management team

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Q1 2022

Drafting Whitepaper, Token Development, Token Audit, Website UI and landing page design, Social Media Handles, Private Sale Round

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Core Team


K. Mohideen

Managing Director
Mr. K. Mohideen is the first-generation entrepreneur in his family. He is a motivated and success-driven person. He graduated from high school and enrolled in college, obtaining a BBA degree followed by an MBA. He has always been attracted to business and hopes to be an entrepreneur himself someday.
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Balamohan Krishnan

Mr. Balamohan Krishnan is Ex-Vice president at Citi Bank and he is a business coach, Trader, Trading trainer, Trading software architect, Fund Manager, Inspiring Speaker and Mentor.Posses 15+ years experience in the forex industry in top Investment banks, alongside the top trading floors in New York and London.
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Inayat Hussain

Mr. Inayat Hussain is Co-Founder at TheCryptoLaunchpad, Ex-Developer at IBM and Swiggy, Smart Entrepreneur deeply enthusiastic about merging different approaches and techniques into Blockchain with metaverse, NFT's and DeFi

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R. Prabath Kumar
Vice President

Mr. Prabath Kumar is a versatile man with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the year 2000. He is a skilled professional with more than 20 years of expertise. He focuses on managing the overall operations of various initiatives through the development

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S. Ajeetha
Vice President

Mrs. Ajeetha is a successful Bsc psychology graduate who graduated in 2002. Her passion in estates and ideas prompted her to begin her first job in the real estate industry. She has obtained the skills and experience to manage a variety of teams over the years.

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Anandram Venkataswamy

Mr. Anandram Venkatswamy is a technophile with vast knowledge of custom software development and cloud application development. He uses his vast knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to create new types of internet services.

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SL Narayanan
Advisor - Financial & Entity management

Experienced AVP / Regional Finance controller with an experience of working with industry leaders in the Manufacturing ,PR, Power, Media , Outsourcing/Offshore industry ,managing Holdco's operations & setting up processes.

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